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Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint or a disagreement regarding any aspect of school life then the following procedure should be taken.


1.         See Headteacher                                                     –           not satisfied


2.         See Headteacher again                                           –           still not satisfied


3.         See a Governor                                                         –           still not satisfied


4.         S/He will see the Headteacher and report back to you, or they may consult the whole Governing Body                               –           still not satisfied

5.         Ring the Civic Centre, Walsall 650000 and ask for the Education Department

The L.E.A. will supply a leaflet relating to complaints procedures on request.



Ofsted are always interested in your views and continually monitor how parents feel about the work we do. They do this via a website called Parent View. If you would like to visit the website, and fill in a short form, the address is


A link, and further instructions, is also available on our school website.



If you like us, please let Ofsted know. If you have a concern, please give us the chance to put it right.

We are always anxious to improve things so that we can be as good as we can be.


All ideas are welcome!

You can speak to Mrs Naffati and Mrs Spencer at anytime.

If we are here, we will see you, if you would like to be sure of an appointment, please phone the school office to arrange a time to suit you.