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Gangsta Granny Chapter 1 Part 5

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Gangsta Granny Chapter 1 Part 4

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Gangsta Granny Chapter 1 Part 3

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Gangsta Granny Chapter 1 Part 2

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Gangsta Granny - Chapter 1 Part 1 - Hi Monkeys! I hope that you are all well! Here is the start of a story for you to watch. I hope you like it! Watch this space for the other parts of this story and some other stories and poems that I will read for you as well at times as a break from this long novel.

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Well Monkeys I have spent a little time painting my own rainbow for you all today!


Thank you so much to all of you that have been sending in emails with your work or just an email for a chat. It really means a lot to get to see and hear what you are all up to! I have added some of the pictures that have been sent in to me to our classroom windows and then taken some photos for you all to take a sneaky peek!


We have had Monkeys who have been practising spellings and handwriting. Some of you have been enjoying keeping fit by doing Joe Wicks' workouts and Cosmic Yoga! I have had emails from children who have been researching about penguins and koala bears - They taught me some new facts about those animals too! Some of your friends have been keeping up with their music practise by playing their keyboard at home. I have had emails of stories that children have written, heard about children reading books about Superheroes and someone who is being a budding historian by writing her own diary every day for people in the future that will learn all about this time when they are at school.  You have even managed to continue being your wonderful and thoughtful selves by surprising one Monkey with face time messages to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him!


Thank you to all of you that have sent in your work or pictures of rainbows for our windows. I will look forward to hearing from you all again soon.


To each and every one of you - keep safe, remember to keep being superstars for your grown-ups. I am incredibly proud of you all and miss you lots! 


Take care my lovelies! :-)


Mrs Westbury :-)

Marvellous Monkeys!

School Nurses - Mental Health Workshop

Yesterday, we were really lucky to have a visit in class from two school nurses. They came to talk to us all about our mental health. We made our own 'helping hands' with the names of people we would turn to if we were worried or upset about something. They also taught us some strategies such as 'star breathing' to calm ourselves down when we feel worried or upset about something. At the end of the session we did some guided meditation together where we went into a 'field' and imagined the things we would see, hear and touch in the field. We were really eager to meditate and go back into our imaginary fields again soon!