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Daily Work- week beginning 8/6/20

Friday 12/6/20


Task 1


Show your child the sharing the seeds powerpoint and talk to your child about the difference between fiction and non-fiction books including pictures vs photographs, contents page, not a story give you information. Talk about the things a plant needs to survive and if you have any seeds or beans you could plant your own.

Task 2


Using any items or toys in your house to practise subtracting/taking away. You could also encourage your child to practise subtracting using a number line or counting back from a number in their heads.

Task 3


Complete the princess and the wizard activity. Who is closer in the pictures? The princess or the wizard? Complete the crown activity by matching the same pattern onto the other side by colouring them in.

Thursday 11/6/20


Task 1


Talk to your child about the goose in the story. What was special about the goose?

Discuss that sometimes people decorate eggs to make them precious. Today we are going to have a class competition to see who can decorate their egg the best. 


Please make sure that it is purely the child's work (no helping allowed!). You can use whatever you have at home to decorate the paper egg- or you could totally think outside of the box. Remember to send me a photo :) 


Task 2


Please see below for the maths activity for today. We are making a wizard potion using anything you can find around the house. However, the potion must have 20 items in it else it won't work! 


You could even make a recipe using numbers to show me your magic maths! 

Task 3


I have attached a colour by addition sheet below. Work out the answer, find the correct colour and make your picture! 


To work out the answers, you can use objects around the house or use the numberline provided below. 

Wednesday 10/6/20

Task 1

Encourage your child to read all of the numbers on the beans. Then they need to cut out the beans and stick them in order onto the blank page independently. 

Task 2


Complete the white rose hub activity for day 3. Play cheeky wizard. Provide children with numerals 1-10., 1-20 in front of them. Children to close their eyes. Adult will take away a number and child to say what number is missing. 

Extension: take away 2 numbers, swap 2 numbers. 

Task 3


Share the powerpoint with your child and encourage them to read some of it themselves. Then discuss the castle picture from yesterday and encourage your child to put their ideas into sentences. Use the writing template to encourage children to write their sentences. 

Check for: 

- correct use of sounds

- correct letter formation

- finger spaces 

Tuesday 9/6/20

Encourage children to be sneaky, just like Jack and look through the Giant’s keyhole. What can they see? Talk about all of the different parts moving the keyhole around. Model to the children writing different things that they can see in a big list format. Encourage the children to help you stretch the words out.

Monday 8/6/20
This week we will be reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. There is a link attached in the activities document but you can also find the story online. When reading the story, ask the children questions to check that your child understands the story. You may even want to act out the story at home!