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Activity one: Making your own Maraca

We want you to try and make your own maraca today. Do you think you can make it magical just like the harp from Jack and the Beanstalk? Watch the YouTube video below to help you!

How to Make Maracas with Plastic Bottles

Activity two: Re-ordering and telling the story

You can complete this activity in two ways :

1. You could print off the pictures below and encourage your child to put them in the correct order. Then encourage them to tell you the story by looking at the pictures

2. Re-watch the Jack and the Beanstalk video (link below) without any sound pausing the video and encouraging you child to tell you the story by looking at the page in the book.

Activity three: Treasure hunt

Complete a treasure hunt around your garden or on your daily walk... If the weather isn't too good you could make your own treasure hunt around the house!