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Activity one: Drawing the three little pigs

Encourage your child to watch the Squiggle it episode: Three Little Pigs - link below. Talk to them about how squiggle it drew his pig and made his house. What colour are they going to make their straw house? How will they draw their stick house? How will they draw their brick house? 

Get Squiggling | Three Little Pigs | S1E7

A squiggle it episode on how to draw a pig and house!

Activity two: Numberblocks The Three Little Pigs

Watch the three little pigs episode talk about each number is one more than the last number and that when you add one to an amount you will find what is one more. Complete the one more towers challenge below.  Encourage the children to find and make towers up to six and then add one more block. How many have they got altogether...You could do this by rolling a dice and finding out who is the fastest at finding one more than that number. 

Activity three: Ramps

Support the children to make their own ramps using cardboard/wood at different heights and angles. Can the children see which type of ramp would be best to make the car travel the furthest?