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Activity One: - Shapes in the Environment Hunt

Talk about the shapes that you have been thinking about this week - circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Go for a walk/ride on your bike or scooter and see how many different shapes you can find on your journey. 


Activity Two: - Order and Retell the 'Three Little Pigs' Story

Use the pictures from the Three Little Pigs story and order them. Once you have ordered the pictures, have a go at telling the story in your own words out loud to your grown-up. Your grown-up could even write down the story that you tell to share with you again later.

Activity Three:- Big Art Attack

Your next challenge is to put together the art work you have made this week to make one big picture! Can you take your straw, stick and brick houses and stick them onto one big piece of paper. When you have done this you could draw a picture of each little pig next to their house. You could even draw a wolf coming along and blow the houses down too!