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Today's sound is 'x'.


Watch the 'Letterland 'x' introduction video on the video resource centre. After the letter story, discuss the objects on the screen that use the sound 'x'. Can your child spot them? Can your child hear the initial sound (beginning sound of the word)? 

Encourage your child to write the letter x in a variety of ways. This could be with their finger on a tray/plate of flour, glitter, powder or shaving foam. You could then practise writing the letter using pens and crayons on paper. 

Remember- you must start writing from the top. 


After this, help your child to read the words on the 'x' powerpoint. Can you find some things around your house that has x in? 

Phonics - Learn to Read | Superhero X | Alphablocks

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Look at your garden or a picture of a family member or friends garden. Talk about what you do in your garden e.g. In the summer I like to sit on the swing chair to sunbathe. What things can the children see in your garden? E.g. shed, chair and tables, plants, trees, goal, basketball hoop. Why might we have some of these things in our gardens? How can we take care of our gardens? E.g. looking after bugs and plants etc.

Questions to ask:

What can you tell me about your garden?

What do you enjoy doing in your garden?

What time of year do you do that in your garden?

How can we take care of our gardens?

What is in your garden?

Why might you have these things in your garden?

Task: Children to draw a picture of their garden and colour in the correct colours. Can your child label anything in their garden using their phonic knowledge.

 If your child is struggling with hearing the sounds to write, help them by stretching the sounds out e.g. c-aaaa-tttt over and over again until they can hear each sound in the word. If you want to challenge your child you could encourage them to write a simple sentence e.g. I can see a flower. Encourage capital letter at the start, finger spaces and full stops.


Recap number 1, 2 and 3 by watching the Numberblocks video. Have a look at the Numberblocks powerpoints.  

Task: Represent numbers 1, 2 and 3 in different ways - counting out items, holding up fingers, counting actions such as jumping, writing the numbers.

Numberblocks - 1 2 3 | Learn to Count | Learning Blocks

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Follow the video tutorials to practise drawing simple insects. Colour them in the correct colours using crayons, felts, paints, watercolour, chalks, pastels etc. Research facts about the insects. Label the insects.

Let's Draw Insects | Drawing Tutorial Song for Kids | How to Draw Insects | JunyTony

forKids #Drawing #Turorial Lyrics Scribble-ble-ble-ble Scribble yeah! Scribble-ble-ble-ble Scribble yeah! "Drawing insects isn't difficult!" Draw a round se...