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Thank you for this video, it was a lovely surprise!

Seaside Day!

Children In Need

Christmas in Jellyfish Class

Jellyfish had a fantastic time visiting Weston Park! They dressed up in old-fashioned clothes and played with old-fashioned toys.

Teddy Bear Investigation

Jellyfish were investigating the best material to fill a Teddy Bear. They began by discussing what the purpose of a Teddy was for. Everyone decided that it needed to be soft so they could cuddle it. We went on to discuss how to complete a fair test and the materials we wanted to test. The children then made a prediction on which material they thought would be the best to fill a Teddy. Last they tested each material by filling a Teddy and cuddling it. They filled out a smiley chart to rank each material and discussed what they had found out.

Sensory Bottles

Jellyfish made sensory bottles to investigate what would happen to them at different temperatures. We used water, oil and sequins in each bottle. Then we placed one bottle in the freezer, one bottle in the fridge and one bottle was left at room temperature. The children made different predictions about what they thought would happen to each bottle. The following week the children made their observations and commented on what they had found out.

World Book Day

Jellyfish created a story journey in P.E for World Book Day.