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As parents you are your children’s learning models. Positive attitudes about education can inspire children and encourage them to make the most of the opportunities that it can provide.

All children learn in different ways, tune into how your child learns. Some children learn visually through making and seeing pictures, others through tactile experiences, like building block towers and working with clay. Others are auditory learners who pay most attention to what they hear. And they may not learn the same way their siblings (or you) do. By paying attention to how your child learns, you  will be able to support their learning and progression.

Our teachers encourage parents to practice what the young children are learning in a non-pressured way. This doesn’t mean drilling them for success, but it may mean going over basic counting skills, reading together, multiplication tables or letter recognition, depending on the needs and learning level of your child. Set aside time to read together. Read aloud regularly, even to older children.


Make learning part of your child’s everyday experience, especially when it comes out of your child’s natural questions. When you cook together, do measuring maths. When you drive in the car, look at registration plates and talk about the numbers and letters. When you turn on the blender, explore how it works together. Have give-and-take conversations, listening to your child’s ideas instead of pouring information into their heads.


Keep TV to a minimum!  Watching lots of TV does not give children the chance to develop their own interests and explore on their own, unstructured time with books, toys, crafts and friends allows children to learn how to be in charge of their own agenda.


Please click on your child’s year group to find useful information to further enhance their education.