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Home learning 23.10.20

We are having a 'Halloween' fun day  Reception today. 
For one of our activities we are sharing spooky children's stories like the Gruffalo, Meg and Mog, Monsters love Underpants and Room on a Broom.

We are talking lots about what happens in the story, the main characters and what is happening in the pictures. Could you share a story with your child and talk about these key features?
When you are finished reading could your child please draw a picture of their favourite part and tell you about it?

Could you help your child to write a potion spell of what they might put into their spell? Can they try and write some of the letters for what they might put into the spell? 

There is a bubbling cauldron below to help give some inspiration and a writing frame to write your spell.

Spooky Sounds - Cauldron Bubbling

The children will be making ghost bananas tomorrow by using bananas and raisins. They are practising using knives to cut the banana in half. Could you help your child to practising cutting some soft fruit or vegetables...or even help cook dinner?