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Home Learning - Week Commencing 13.07.2020

Hi Jellyfish,

Hope you are all safe and well. Remember that practising your reading, writing and maths skills even just five minutes a day will make a big difference on how well you will do next year, so keep up all your hard work.This week we are going to be using the text 'Dear Teacher' There is also lots of different stories to read together each day.  


This is our final week of being Jellyfish and the year has not ended how we would have liked or ever imagined. I wish you all a happy and safe six weeks and will look forward to asking your new teacher how you are settling in when you return to school in September. Please be excited about moving to your new class and do not worry. Your new teacher is lovely!


I will miss you. Good Luck in Year Two, you will be amazing!


Big hugs


Mrs Hughes heart

Weekly Planning - Dear Teacher - 13.07.2020

MIndfulness colouring to begin each day