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Task 1


Share the video of the "sh" phonics lesson delivered by Mr Craig. After this, share the "sh"  powerpoint. Encourage your child to say each sound and then blend the word together. Then complete the "sh" phonics worksheet. Your child may need help to understand what to do for each part, however encourage them to complete the tasks as independently as possible. 

Task 2


Listen to the shape songs below. The children are familiar with these songs as we sing them at school. Can your child remember the names of the shapes? Can your child name any properties of these shapes? e.g. edges, corners


Then complete the colour by shape activity. Talk to your child while they are colouring in the shapes- how do you know that is a __?

Task 3


Complete the White Rose Hub activity for the day.

Task 4 

Positional language activity encouraging the children to use their toys line them up and describe where each toy is e.g. Elsa is in front of Spiderman. Please look at the positional language cards for help.