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Activity 1

Watch the phonics video on the resource centre. Today's sound is 'ai'. Look at the powerpoint and encourage your child to sound out the words. Complete the 'ai' sheet. 

Activity 2


Look at the White Rose Hub activity for today. 

Can you complete a pattern around the house? 

Can you make a healthy food pattern?

Zog by Julia Donaldson, Rhyming Story for Children, Tale about Dragon, Read Aloud Book

An amazing book by Julia Donaldson. This tale is about a dragon who was learning lots of new skills at Dragon school. His practicing wasn't always a success ...

Activity 3


Share the story "The Three Little Pigs" with your child. Can they act out the story with you?


Here is a fun song version of the story. 

Three Little Pigs - Debbie and Friends

A featured in the Fox hit series "24" in January 2010! Enjoy this classic tale with a new sound and a fun animation to go with it. This song is classic Debbi...