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Activity 1

Watch the phonics video on the resource centre. Today's sound is ai. 

Look at the ai powerpoint and encourage your child to sound out the words. 

Complete the ai sheet. 


Video Resource Centre

Zog by Julia Donaldson, Rhyming Story for Children, Tale about Dragon, Read Aloud Book

An amazing book by Julia Donaldson. This tale is about a dragon who was learning lots of new skills at Dragon school. His practicing wasn't always a success ...

Activity 2

Look at the White Rose Hub activity for today. 
Can you complete a pattern around the house?
Can you make a healthy food pattern?

Activity 3

Share the story of the three little pigs. 


Activity 4

Can you send a video to your childs teacher showing their talent. This could be singing, dancing, acting etc. 

Three Little Pigs - Debbie and Friends

A featured in the Fox hit series "24" in January 2010! Enjoy this classic tale with a new sound and a fun animation to go with it. This song is classic Debbi...