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Opening Times

Our nursery sessions are organised in the traditional way; each child attends part-time for 15 hours per week, either every morning or every afternoon. Opening hours are as follows:

AM sessions: 8.45a.m. to 11.45a.m. and PM sessions: 12.45p.m. to 3.45p.m.


In order to ease congestion in the cloakroom, doors are open from 8.40 a.m. until 8.50 a.m., 11.40 a.m. until 11.50 a.m., 12.40 p.m. until 12.50 p.m. and 3.40 p.m. until 3.50 p.m. Please do not bring pushchairs into school, as the entrance is very narrow and soon becomes crowded.


School times are 8.55a.m. -12.00a.m. and 1.15p.m. – 3.30p.m.

Entrances are opened at 8.45 a.m. and attended by a member of staff to ensure children enter school safely. Staff attend the doors until  the bell rings at 8.55a.m. at which time they are locked. If you arrive after this time, please come to the school office via the pedestrian entrance at the front of the school, where you will be asked to sign your child in as late giving a reason for lateness.


At home-time, gates and doors will be opened at 3.25 p.m., and you will be able to come in and collect your child directly from their classroom. All pupils remain under the supervision of their teacher until released into your care. Interior gates are closed at 3.45p.m.  At 4.00p.m. exterior  gates will be locked to aid security, once again, latecomers please use the main school entrance. 


May we please remind you that the school car park is for staff and official visitors only and not for dropping off or picking up children. In special circumstances arrangements can be made for parents to use the car park but this is after discussion with the headteacher Mrs Naffati.




Holiday Dates and Training Days 2017/2018

  Open Close  
Autumn Term 2017 Monday 4th September Friday 20th October  
  Monday 30th October Friday 22nd December  
Spring Term 2018 Monday 8th January Friday 16th February  
  Monday 26th February Thursday 29th March  
Summer Term 2018 Monday 16th April Friday 25th May *Excluding May Day – 7th May 2018
  Monday 4th June

Tuesday 24th July



Five Personnel Development (PD) Days: The five additional training days when school will be closed for pupils are as follows:
Monday 4th September 2017, Tuesday 5th September 2017, Monday 4th June 2018, Monday 23rd July 2018 and Tuesday 24th July 2018


Holiday Dates and Training Days 2018/2019

  Open Close  
Autumn Term 2018 Tuesday 4th September Friday 26th October  
  Tuesday 6th November Friday 21st December  
Spring Term 2019 Monday 7th January Friday 15th February  
  Tuesday 26th February Friday 12th April  
Summer Term 2019 Monday 29th April Friday 24th May *Excluding May Day - 6th May 2019
  Tuesday 4th June Friday 19th July  


Five Personnel Development (Staff training) Days


The five additional training days when school will be closed for pupils are as follows:-


Monday 3rd September,2018, Monday 5th Novemeber ,2018, Monday 25th February , 2019, Monday 3rd June,  and 22nd July 2019

  Open Close  

Autumn Term 2019

75 days

Tuesday 3rd September 2019 Friday 25th October 2019  
  Tuesday 5th November 2019 Friday 20th December 2019  

Spring Term 2020

60 days


Monday 6th January 2020 Friday 14th February 2020  
  Tuesday 25th February 2020 Friday 3rd  April 200  

Summer Term 2020

60 days

Monday 20th April 2020


Friday 22nd May 2020  
  Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Friday 17th July 2020 Excluding Friday 8th May 2020


Five Personnel Development ( staff training ) Days


The five additional training days when school will be closed for pupils are as follows:-

Monday 2nd September 2019

Monday 4th November 2019

Monday 24th February 2020

Monday 1st June 2020

Monday 20th July 2020