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Activity one: Ordering beans

Talk to your child  about tall and short and order the people in your house from the tallest to the shortest. See if the children can find something that is taller than they are...Taller than their Mum.... Shorter than their brother/sister. 

Complete the ordering beanstalk sheet below by cutting out the beanstalks and putting them in order. Encourage your children to use the correct language of tall, short, taller, shorter, tallest, shortest.

Activity two: Drawing a castle

Using Purple Mash can you create your own castle picture? 

Follow the link below 

You will have to search for New Invention Infant School then you can log on using your username and password that was sent out via Marvellous Me (If you are having any problems logging on email

Activity three: Singing songs

Enjoy singing some songs with your little ones (there is a YouTube video below of Mr Tumble singing nursery rhymes)

CBeebies | Mr Tumble Nursery Rhymes Playlist

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special in his Nursery Rhymes playlist. Aunt Polly The Wheels on the Bus Rock-a-Bye Baby Music Man Little Bo Peep...