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Today's sound is 'w'.


Watch the 'Letterland 'w' introduction video on the video resource centre. After the letter story, discuss the objects on the screen that use the sound 'w'. Can your child spot them? Can your child hear the initial sound (beginning sound of the word)? 

Encourage your child to write the letter w in a variety of ways. This could be with their finger on a tray/plate of flour, glitter, powder or shaving foam. You could then practise writing the letter using pens and crayons on paper. 

Remember- you must start writing from the top. 


After this, help your child to read the words on the 'w' powerpoint. Can you find some things around your house that begin with w? 

Phonics - Learn to Read | The Letter 'W'

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: For more phonics learning videos subscribe: ...


Read a favourite story together and access Bug Club to read a few books with your child. To access Bug Club go to the home page on the school website, scroll down to click on 'Learning Zone' to access the learning platform and within this you will find the Bug Club link. Your child's login details are on a sticker in their reading diary. The school code to login is 9x7k. Choose from a range of books allocated to your child. Talk about where the front and back covers are and what a title is. Predict what the story might be about by looking at the front cover. Encourage your child to turn the pages independently. Pause at certain points in the story to see if your child can predict what happens next. Ask questions -  Where is the…Who is that? What can you see? What is…..? Why did ….. happen? How did ……? Complete the activities, ensuring to click the bug in the corner of the page each time. Can your child recall what happened in the story at the end and retell the story themselves?

Bonfire night

Look at the All about Bonfire Night powerpoint to learn all about Bonfire Night. Ask your child what that they know about bonfire night and fireworks. Does your child know how to stay safe on Bonfire night and anytime fireworks are used? Discuss ideas. Have a look at the Bonfire night safety powerpoint together.

Task: Create a poster that informs others how to stay safe. Draw, colour and label.



Model to your child how to make a repeated pattern using 2 or 3 or more household objects or shapes. E.g. pen, toy, pen, toy, pen etc. or circle, triangle, square, circle, triangle, square. Encourage your child to continue your repeated pattern.

Task: Using cut out shapes or household objects children to make their own repeated pattern. Can they make it using 2, 3 or more? Can they describe their repeated pattern?