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Activity one: Spider on the floor


Encourage your child to join in with the actions and words to the song below. Can they learn the song and do a little dance to it to send to their teacher?

Singing Hands: There's a Spider on the Floor - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

Activity two: Monster's  house


Listen to there's a monster in your book - follow the link below and scroll down to the story. Can you build a new house for little monster? He's escaped from the book again and he needs somewhere to sleep. Do you think you could use building blocks, Lego or even blankets to make a snug house for the monster to live in?

Activity three: Your favourite monster


Now that you've built a house for monster we would like you to draw a picture of monster's friend...It could be a monster from a book (like the Gruffalo or Monsters Love Underpants) or one that you have made up yourself. I wonder how many eyes your monster might have... What would a monster with four eyes look like? Or six legs?