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Activity One: - Shape hunt


Can you go on a shape hunt around your house? The shapes we would like you to search for today are circles. Can you talk about the properties of the circle? How many sides does it have? How many corners? To help you the Reception teacher's have been singing songs about circles. (The link for this can be found below.

Activity Two: - Collage a pig face


Your next activity is to make a pig face using shapes! Think about the shape of a pig's face and the shapes of parts of the pig's face like its eyes and snout. What shapes are they? A pig has got a circle face, with circle eyes and a circle nose! See if you can carefully cut out some circles and and put them together to make a pig's face.

Activity Three: - Painting a pig


To further add to our 'big art attack' at the end of the week we would like you to paint a picture of  one of the three little pigs. To help you there are some pictures of different pigs below please choose your favourite to paint or draw.