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Activity 1

Talk to your child about the goose in the story. What was special about the goose?

Discuss that sometimes people decorate eggs to make them precious. Today we are going to have a class competition to see who can decorate their egg the best. 


Please make sure that it is purely the child's work (no helping allowed!). You can use whatever you have at home to decorate the paper egg- or you could totally think outside of the box. Remember to send me a photo :)

Activity 2

Please see below for the maths activity for today. We are making a wizard potion using anything you can find around the house. However, the potion must have 20 items in it else it won't work! 


You could even make a recipe using numbers to show me your magic maths!

Activity 3

I have attached a colour by addition sheet below. Work out the answer, find the correct colour and make your picture! 


To work out the answers, you can use objects around the house or use the numberline provided below.