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Activity one: Beans

Children to walk around and when you shout stop they have to complete a different action to the name of a  different bean (as below): Lean bean – tall shape hands and feet together

Broad bean – wide shape feet apart

Runner bean – Running on the spot

Baked bean – crouching down

Jumping bean – straight jump.

Encourage the children to move in different ways in between each bean e.g. running, hopping, jumping, crouch walking


Activity two: Number work

Join in singing number songs with Miss Wood (These can be found in the link below) Can you sing 5 cheeky monkeys and 5 little ducks? 

You can then complete the Jack and the Beanstalk counting magic beans sheet! Don't forget to say one number name for each bean!


Activity three: Fabrege Eggs

Jack pinched the goose that laid the golden eggs and now the giant isn't very happy that he doesn't have any special eggs. Do you think you could design and make your own special Fabrege egg for the giant. There is a little PowerPoint for you to look at to help you with ideas and a template if you want it below.