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Activity One: Sharing Halloween news


The children will all be talking about what they have done over the holiday and for Halloween. Could you record a little video of your child talking about what they have done during the week, what did they dress up as, what was their favourite part of the week?


Activity two: Singing number songs


Each day in  Nursery we sing a range of different songs. Please can you encourage your child to join in with the number song below.  Support the children to count the pumpkins and seeing if they can show the correct number of fingers to match taking one away every time a pumpkin is knocked off the gate.

Five Little Pumpkins Sitting On a Gate

Activity three: Follow a line


Play follow with the leader (outside if possible) encourage the children to follow right behind you in hour footsteps going round the garden/room. Can they walk in a straight line? Round a curved line?
If you have some you could use chalk/skipping rope on the floor to create different types of lines for them to walk on.

To further develop this can the children follow a line that you have drawn onto paper using their fingers or a coloured pencils/crayon.