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Activity 1

Watch Mr Craig's phonics video, today's sound is 'ar'. Look at the powerpoint and read the words with your child.  Complete the phonics sheet. 

Activity 2

Complete the White Rose Hub activity for today. 

Look at the powerpoint and talk about 'how many more' on each plate with your child. 


Their are two worksheets for you to try with your child today. 

1. Complete the how many more worksheet with your child. Can you child count how many are on each plate and find out how many more each plate has. 

2. Look at the pictures. See if you can guess Oliver's rule. Can your child write Oliver's rule on the line underneath. 

Activity 3


Talk to your child about forwards and backwards. Encourage them to walk forwards and backwards. Play Simon Says or play games with toys to move them forwards, backwards, left and right.