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Activity 1 - Shape hunt

Can you go on a shape hunt around your house? The shapes we would like you to search for today are squares. Can you talk about the properties of the square? How many sides does it have? How many corners? To help you the Reception teachers have been singing a song about squares. (The link for this can be found below).

Activity 2 - Make a shape house

We would like you to make some houses.  You will have the outline of a house but will need to use some shapes to make it look more like a house. Think about what shape you could use for the roof, how many windows will you have and what shape could they be? What shape will you use for the front door?  Use the shapes provided or find some of your own from around the house to make your shape house.

Activity 3 - Make a stick house

For this activity you are going to be making and sticking your very own stick house. You could print off the house outline below or use one you've drawn. Can you make a stick house by either cutting up and sticking twigs from the garden, lolly sticks or drawing your own sticks using brown pencils? You will need to keep this picture safe for your big art attack on Friday!