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Task 1


Next year, you will be in Seahorse Class. Today I want you to find out lots of fun and interesting facts about seahorses. You could search on the internet or use books to help you find facts about this animal. 


You can then make a poster or a fact file booklet to show us your fabulous facts that you have found out! You could even save your work to show Mr Lloyd in September to show him just how amazing you are! 



Task 2


We have LOVED arts and crafts in Tiger Class this year. Today I would like you to make a HUGE art attack style creation of a Seahorse. You can use bedsheets, towels, cushions- whatever you fancy! You might even want to make a Seahorse from rice and pasta. 


I want to see how creative you can get! Be sure to send a photo of your fabulous creations! :) 

Here is an example of a Big Art Attack Tiger because I couldn't find one of a seahorse!