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Today's sound is 'v'.


Watch the 'Letterland 'v' introduction video on the video resource centre. After the letter story, discuss the ojects on the screen that use the sound 'v'. Can your child spot them? Can your child hear the initial sound (beginning sound of the word)? 

Encourage your child to write the letter v in a variety of ways. This could be with their finger on a tray/plate of flour, glitter, powder or shaving foam. You could then practise writing the letter using pens and crayons on paper. 

Remember- you must start writing from the top. 


After this, help your child to read the words on the 'v' powerpoint. Can you find some things around your house that begin with v? 

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Today we are going to be reading cvc words (consonant, vowel, consonant). 

Use the resources below to help with this activity. 


Task- Pick up a word card flower, can you child sound out each of the three sounds? Now can they blend the sounds together to make the word? 

If your child is struggling with this, help them by stretching the sounds out e.g. c-aaaa-tttt over and over again until they can hear the full word. 

Now your child must find the correct picture pot for the word flower chosen. Encourage your child to be as independent as possible. 

If your child is really struggling to read the cvc word, see if they can tell you the initial sound of the picture and then read the word together.  



Remind your child of the shapes we are looking at this week (circle, triangle, square, rectangle). Make some shapes on the floor using either tape, paper or sticks. When you say a shape name, your child must jump inside the correct shape. After each turn, talk about the amount of sides and corners each shape has. 

Use the resources below to help with this job. 


Task- We are going to make a house for Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.  Children are to cut around the shape templates below. What shapes will we need to make a house? Children to cut and stick shapes to make a picture of a house. Encourage your child to name the shapes and talk about their properties e.g. corners and sides. 

If your child is struggling, play "My turn, your turn." For example, say "I am going to cut out the square. It has 4 sides. Oh there is the square. Let's count the corners and the sides together."

Mary, Mary, quite contrary | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

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Today we are going to be looking at the artist Van Gough. Explain that he is a very famous artist. Share the piece of art below with your child. What is their favourite part of the painting? Can your child name the flowers that he has painted? 


Task- We are going to recreate this piece of art today. Using paper and paints, encourage your child to copy the famous painting. Think about colours, shapes and where it is on the paper. 

If you do not have paints, then feel free to use pencil or wax crayons. 



If you have a garden, go on a bug hunt. Can you find any bugs? Can your child name the bugs? Talk about the legs, colour, size of the bugs. 


Can your child make a bug house for the garden? Use natural resources such as sticks, pebbles, soil. 


Can your child make a sign for their bug house? What will it say?