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Activity one: Aaaaah spiders!


If you have play dough at home please can you support your children to make their own play dough spider. Encourage the children to roll a ball for the spider's body and sausages for the legs. Below is a little video to help you with this (The children's spider might be a bit bigger than this).

If you don't have play dough could you draw a spider using pencils with a round body and eight long legs.


How to make a spider from Play-doh

Activity two: Write dance - the children enjoy joining in with dances at Nursery which help to build our gross motor skills and will develop our muscles ready for writing.

Encourage your child to join in with the video below. Whilst your child is doing this use language including top, bottom, middle, up and down. 

Preschool Learn to Dance: Bugs and Crawly Things

Activity three: The Great bug hunt!


To finish off your mini-beast filled day can you go on a bug hunt with your child? This could either be inside or outside try and find as many bugs as you can... Do you have a spider living somewhere in your house or maybe a wiggly worm in the garden? See how many bugs you can find from the checklist below.

Happy hunting!