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Activity one: Acting out the story

As your first activity today we want you to all become little drama students today! Read the story to your children or share the video and encourage them to act out each part of the story!

Start with all of the children looking very sad because they have no food. Walk to the shop pulling a pretend cow (This is really hard because the cow doesn’t want to go) Pretend to be the man with the magical beans offering Jack them then pretend to be Jack jumping up and down happily because he has magic beans and running home to tell his Mum. Encourage the children to be Mum shouting at Jack and throwing the beans out of the window. Then go to ‘bed’ Wake up in the morning and act really shocked that a beanstalk has grown. Pretend to climb the beanstalk then tip toe into the castle. Be a giant stomping and shouting fee fi fo fum. Then be Jack tip-toeing to steal the goose that laid the golden egg and running away from the giant down the beanstalk. Finally pretend to chop the beanstalk down and fall down just like the giant

Activity two: Numberblocks

Practise counting objects and making groups to five! Don't forget to follow the Numberblocks counting rules. (The episode is below)

The three rules are:
1. Say one number name for each object

2. The last number is the total

3. Say the number names in order!


Happy counting everyone!

Numberblocks: How To Count

A video to help your children remember the simple rules of counting!

Activity three: Go for a walk!
We would like you to go for a walk and see if you can take some photographs of the different plants that you can see! Can you find a red, yellow, blue and purple flower?
Don't forget to email all of your photographs and videos of you completing the activities to