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Week commencing 06.07.2020


Activity one: Follow the leader

Play a game of follow the leader with your child encouraging them to copy  what you do as you move around the house and garden

Activity two: This is me!
Encourage you child to draw a picture of themselves to send to their new teacher. If your child is coming to our reception the new teacher's emails are in the induction booklet

Activity three: Story time

Share your child's favourite story with them and talk about what happens, who is in the story and where the story is set. Can they tell the story back to you once you have read it?


Activity one: The final shape hunt

Using all of the things that you learned about shape last week go on a shape hunt today. Encourage your child to talk about the shapes that you find e.g. the door has got straight sides, the clock is round. Can you send in a picture of you talking about the shapes

Activity two: What does it weigh?

Find a range of different items in your house and encourage your child to sort them into heavy and light...Can they order them from heaviest to lightest?

Activity three: Hopscotch

Using paper or chalk draw your own hopscotch outside and encourage your child to play hopscotch saying the numbers as they jump on them.


Activity one: Hide and seek

Encourage your child to try and hide somewhere in the house. When you find them ask them where they hid e.g. in the cupboard, under the bed. Now it's your turn to hide encourage your child to count to ten saying all of the number names in order. 

 Activity two: Counting

Practising your counting skills. You could do this with a dice, encourage your child to roll the dice and then count out that number of grapes, blueberries or sweets. If they can count it correctly they get to eat them!

Activity three: Our favourite thing

Paint or draw a picture of your child's favourite memory from nursery!

Don't forget to send pictures to

Activity one: Simon Says

Playing Simon says with the children encouraging them to follow simple instructions e.g.

Simon says touch your head. Simon says touch your nose Simon says jump up and down. 

But don't forget if Simon doesn't say the children will be out!

Activity Two: - The Gingerbread Man

Share the story of the Gingerbread Man together. Once you have read the story together use the pictures to order the main events in the story. Think about what happened first, next, then, after. Keep your pictures once you have ordered them for one of your challenges tomorrow.

Activity Three:- Decorate an animal


If you are going to be joining us in Reception then today we would like you to decorate the animal for the class you will be going into (a lion, leopard or tiger). If you will be going into Reception in a new school then we would love you to decorate your favourite animal. 


To complete this challenge you can use the outlines provided or create one of your own if you wish to. To decorate your animal you could stick paper or different items onto your outline in the correct colours or you could paint/colour your animal if you wish to. Remember if your animal has patterns on its body like stripes, spots or splodges then you will need to make sure you add these too!