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What people think of us

"Your Nurture Group is beautiful and the staff are amazing .... it's lovely."
Local Authority Educational Psychologist 


"To say I was impressed, proud and extremely thankful to have teachers like Mrs Hunt in the school helping (my child) and other pupils is an understatement. The group was perfect for (my child), and I saw a confidence and happiness in her I haven't seen academically before. Everything from the differentiated work to the teaching style, visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning was all included while explaining the tasks, and children were given the option to use whatever they felt comfortable with to complete the work."
Parent after observing the Year 2 Core Subjects Intervention Group


"You don't realise how unique you are as a school. There is only one other school as nurturing and inclusive as you in the whole of Walsall."
Local Authority Specialist teacher, Integrated Support Team


"We have highlighted your school as an example of providing outstanding inclusive practice. This has been based on years of Early years SEN/Educational Psychology working with staff from your school, experiences and feedback from parents and the children's progress."
Early Years SEN Teacher, SEN Advisory Support Team

"I like how personalised the course was."
"I did not feel that I was ‘talked at’, we had more of a discussion."
"The facilitators know the children so we talked about things that are used in school as well as at home."
Feedback from parents who attended the Cygnet Parenting Programme delivered by the SENCo and SEN HLTA