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Our Governing Body

Dr David Brewin-Chair
Co-opted Governor


Mrs Louise Meredith – Vice Chair
Co-opted Governor


Mr Mark Kelly-Smith
Joint Vice-Chair Parent Governor


Mrs Debbie Naffati


Mrs Zoe Spencer
Staff Governor


Mrs Carol Hunt
Co-opted Governor


Mrs Nicola Mills
Associate Member
(Voting Rights: Resource Committee)


Councillor Ian Shires
Local Authority Governor


Mrs Cheryl Davis

Parent Governor


Mrs Sukhi Sidhu

Parent Governor


Mr Sam Henson







Our Governors are happy to help, answer queries or deal with concerns at any time and may be co

acancyntacted through our school office. You may write, phone, or visit in person. If you would like to speak to a governor, than leave your details at the office and they will endeavour to return your call as soon as possible. Our Parent Governors are often in the playground before and after school, and are happy to be approached. In addition, there is a Governor presence at every parent consultation evening, and they would love to talk to you.


Our Governors, whilst thoroughly enthusiastic and committed to supporting the whole school community, are volunteers and have busy working lives of their own. Please be aware that whilst they will make every effort to respond to your queries promptly, there may be occasions when this is not possible. Our school operates an open door policy, and the Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers are always happy to make time for you if they are in the building.  In addition, you may always follow the procedures laid out in our school Complaints Procedure. This can be found in our Policies section.



In order to carry out our role efficiently and effectively the detailed work of the Governing Body is under taken by three main committees, other committees are called as and when required. The Committees report back to termly meetings of the Governing Body at which broader issues are discussed and agreed.


Dr D Brewin (Chair)
Mrs S Sidhu
Mrs D Naffati
Mr M Kelly-Smith
Mrs Z Spencer


Dr D Brewin (Chair)
Mr M Kelly-Smith
Mrs L Meredith


Dr D Brewin (Chair)
Mrs C Davis
Mrs C Hunt
Mrs L Meredith
Mrs N Mills
Mrs D Naffati



Continuous Professional Development
Members of our Governing Body have attended the following training sessions in the last two years.


Challenging the Headteacher
Essential Data for School Governors
Financial Probity
Governance For Dummies
Governors Preparing For OFSTED

Induction For New Governors
Managing Emergencies in School
PREVENT – Tackling Radicalisation & Extremism

Strategies for recruiting Governors
Succession Planning
Tackling Amateurish Governance – Walsall Governor Conference

GDPR Briefing

KS1 Expected Reading Standards

Pupil Premium Conference

Safeguarding Updates

SEND Updates

Preparing for Ofsted Inspection

Triangulating Evidence

S4S Governor Conference



Register of Interests Our Register of Governors Interests is updated after each Full Governing Body Meeting.

Governor Date of Appointment Term Of Office Appointed By Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests Contractual Relationships
Mr P Biernat* 12/02/2016 11/02/2020 Parents None  Child in Reception
Dr D Brewin 02/07/15 01/07/19 GB None None
Mrs C Hunt   02/07/15 01/07/19 GB None Employed By School
Mr M Kelly-Smith  01/05/15 30/04/19 Parents None None
Mrs L Meredith  02/07/15 01/07/19 GB None None
Mrs N Mills 13/05/14 12/05/18 GB None Employed By School
Mother Employed By School
Mrs D Naffati 24/04/17 Ongoing By Virtue Headteacher of School Headteacher of School
Cllr I Shires  01/04/16 31/03/2020 GB Joint Council Leader Joint Council Leader
Miss S Small*  21/01/14 20/01/18 Parents None Employed By School
Child In Year 2
Mrs Z Spencer 05/08/16 04/08/20 Staff None Employed By School
Mrs C Davis 12/2/2018 11/02/2022 Parent None Child in Year 1
Mr S Henson 6/03/2018 5.03.2022 Parent None

Child in Reception

Employed by National Governors Association

Mrs S Sidhu 12/2/2018 11/02/2022 Parent None Child in Year 1

* Denotes an individual who has served as a Governor in the last year.

Governor Roles

Name Area of Responsibility
David Brewin Chairperson,
Louise Meredith Curriculum
Mark Kelly-Smith Compliance, GDPR, Health and Safety
Carol Hunt SENDi, GDPR
Zoe Spencer Curriculum
Cheryl Davis Curriculum
Sam Henson Pupil Premium, Sports Funding
Nicola Mills Pupil Premium, Sports Funding
Suki Sidhu SENDi


Governor Attendance  At Meetings

Key; P=Present, A=Absent Apologies Received, X=Absent No Apologies Received

* Denotes a Governor who has been on Governing Board in last 12 months



  19.06.18 13.02.18 14.11.17 19.06.17 13.02.17 17.10.17 20.07.16
Dr. D Brewin P P A P A P P
Mr M Kelly-Smith P A P P P P P
Miss S Small - _ P P P P P
Mrs  Spencer P P P P P P -
Mrs S Sidhu              


Resources Committe


  12.11.18 6.6.2018 13.2.2018 14.11.17 19.06.17 13.02.17 17.10.16 20.06.16 01.03.16
Mr P Biernat - - X P X P X P -
Dr D Brewin P P P A A A A P P
Mrs C Hunt P P P P P P P P P
Mrs L Meredith P P P P P P P P P
Mrs N Mills P P P P P P P P P
Mrs D Naffati P P P P P - - - -
Mrs Cheryl Davis P                

Mr Sam




Pay Committee


  21.11.17 01.12.16 17.11.15
Dr D Brewin P P P
Mr J Haldron* - P P
Mrs L Meredith P P P
Mr M Kelly-Smith P - -


Full Governing Body





10.07.18 6.3.2018 2.11.17



03.07.17 06.06.17 1.12.16
Mr P Biernat* - - - X X P P P P
Dr D Brewin P P P A P A P P P
Mrs C Hunt P P P P P P P P P
Mr M Kelly-Smith A A P A P P P P P
Mrs L Meredith P P A P P P P P P
Mrs N Mills P P P P P P P P P
Cllr I Shires P X P X X A P A A
Miss S Small*   - - - A P P P P
Mrs Z Spencer P P P P P P P P P
Mr S Henson A A P P          
Mrs S Sidhu P A P P          
Mrs C Davis P A P P