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Weekly challenge!!

I hope you have all been staying active and have had a go at some of the challenges we have been setting. This week I am putting on 10 personal virtual challenges that you can take part in over the next few weeks. Click on the link below to see the challenges you can take part in. Remember to have fun, get your family involved and send any photos/videos of you taking part to your class teacher!

Have a lovely week :-) 

New Week New Challenge!

This week we have a 10m sprint challenge - How many laps of a 10m track can you do in 30 seconds? (if you are doing it at home and haven't got room then measure out 5 and then halve your score)


Think about:

- Different ways you can move to challenge yourself and keep it fun; Hop, Skip, Side steps etc.

- Where do you lose speed during the acitivity?

What body parts are being used for the activity?

- What sports require this movement?


Have fun and remember you can send pictures/videos of you doing the challenge to your class teacher!



Week Beginning 01.06.2020

This week's challenge is a standing long jump. 

- Find a large space either in your house or outside if you have outdoor space.

- Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, how far can you jump?

- Take the measurement from your heel where you first land.

- If you haven't got a measuring tape use cones or toilet rolls. How many can you jump?


Think about :

- what technique can you use to jump?

- What body parts/muscles are being used for this activity?

- what sports would require this type of movement?


Have fun and remember to get your family involved too, who can jump the furthest in your family?


Week Beginning 18.5.2020

This week we have an Agility Challenge, brilliant to do outside with the fantastic weather this week.

Relay Collection- How fast can you collect 10 items?

-Spread 10 items out at least 5 large steps away from your starting point.

-How long does it take to collect the items 1 at a time, returning to the starting point?

-Try to beat your time each attempt or work as a team with someone a home

Think about:

-Ways you can move to collect items, what different forms of travel can you do?

-How many different ways can you carry or balance the items to return them?


-If you are outside, how many different items can you find? Try to find different shapes and sizes.

Week Beginning 11.5.2020


This wee we have an Active Maths activity which is perfect to do at home or outside in the garden.


The Tuck Shop!

Exercise = money to pay for your snacks! You must workout how many exercises you need to do to pay for your snacks.


Please find the worksheet below which gives you the exercises and how much they are worth. The items from the shop are blank so you can make your own prices up to suit your child's ability e.g. prices up to 20p, 50p, £1 or over £1.


Have fun and get the family involved too!