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Planning for week commencing 02.06.20

Friday 5th June - Have you filled your bucket today?

Activity one

Draw a picture of all of the things that make you happy. This might be your family members, your favourite toys, places you go or things you like to do! Be as creative as you like!

Activity two

Could you decorate your own happiness bucket using a range of different patterns including lines, circles, zig-zags and bumps! Don't forget to use 'duck fingers' to hold your pencil!

Thursday 4th June - Even Superheroes have bad days

Inside Out: Opening Scene

A little introduction to support with talk of emotions using Disney's Inside Out

Today we will be talk all about some of the emotions we might have had during our time away from school. We are going to use the inside out emotions sorting sheet to stick photographs and pictures of people showing the emotions happy, sad and angry. If your child finds this easy you could also complete the Scenario sorting.


Activity two

We are using the 'How are you feeling today' book to talk about emotions and what you can do when you use a range of emotions. These can be seen on the video below (follow the link) or using the PowerPoint book.

Wednesday 3rd June - Invisible String

For today's special job can you please draw a picture of yourself in the middle of a piece of paper and all of the people you are connected to around the outside. It might be some people you live with or some you haven't seen for a while. Can you then use lots of different colours to connect these with 'string.' The teachers have drawn their string pictures below to help you. 

For your second special job could you make your very own bubble by cutting out or drawing a circle. If you could then use some paint, string and a peg to make it a special string bubble. (There is an example picture below of what you might do)

Tuesday 2nd June - Bubbles

While We Can't Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. At school we will be talking about all of the ways we can show affection while we can't hug each other.