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Fieldwork Activities

Fieldwork activities:

1. You can play I spy and ask your child to identify some landscape features such as mountains, fields, ponds, rivers, lakes etc.

2. You can ask your child to take pictures of these features. They can experiment with the zoom, close-ups and filters.

3. They could even draw some of these features.

4. On an OS map, you could ask your child to find a bridge, wooded areas, watercourses etc.

5. Your child could draw a map of their local park, your house and even a room of the house such as their bedroom.

6. If you go on a walk with your child, they could take the lead with the map.

7. How about doing some basic compass work to lead the way?

8. When your child is out and about, they could notice the difference between different soils (clay, sand, peat) or the variety of vegetation.

9. They could collect stones and pebbles to recreate the geology of the place you've visited.

10. Your child could also do some land art with materials they've found on your outing.