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Nursery Applications

Before applying to school it is important you have thoroughly considered the pros and cons of our and other settings. Whilst we believe a school Nursery can give our children an incredible start as it leads directly into how our school runs, the curriculum follows seamlessly through and children are familiar with adults in the next classes throughout the year which helps them feel secure quickly - for some families there is one disadvantage - until this September 2021 all our Nursery provision was 15 hours (delivered as an AM or PM session 5 days per week), this year we have offered some 30 hour provision as local birth rates are low and all Nurseries in our area have spaces (we know this is also due to COVID as this has affected some families choices too). 30 hours is only available to working families and differs from 2 year spaces offered in other settings-they provide an early start for more vulnerable families in receipt of specific benefits - 30 hour provision doesn’t. Some families need the flexibility of early starts, some full days and days off to match their work pattern and this sadly is something a school Nursery cannot provide, By joining our school Nursery attendance is key as it is unfair to take a space of another child who could be in Nursery every day - please bear this in mind if you commit to joining us - to us Nursery is a vital start, it isn’t just ‘only playing’ and it really does make a huge difference to every child.

To apply to our school Nursery an application form is available from the school office. It is important that you fill in all the information as if your child then starts school we can put all their key information onto the system quickly.

When returning your completed application form to the school office you will also need to bring your child’s birth certificate, a home utility bill addressed to you as their parent as proof of address. If your child is adopted, fostered or in a different care arrangement you will be asked for proof of this too. 

Applications can be made at any time, however putting a child’s name down early/at birth no longer guarantees a place. Our school apply the same admission criteria as Walsall Council do for main school; these criteria are:-

Children who are Looked After, children with an EHCP ( Educational Health Care Plan), children with a sibling in our school or our feeder school New Invention Juniors, distance from the home address to school as the crow flies. Distance can often be the determining factor and sadly most years we cannot offer everyone a place , therefore the closer you live to school the better. This criteria is also applied by Walsall Council for Reception classes therefore if a child lives further away and does not meet any of the other criteria siblings etc then a place may not be offered for Reception. Each year we have some disappointed families which is the reason why this should be considered carefully.