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"Working with New Invention and all its staff is one of the shining beacons in my career."  Retiring speech and language therapist. 

Another positive parent survey:


SEND Lockdown Support Parent Voice Questionnaire June 2021


% of parents that strongly agreed/agreed with the statement

My child was able to access school provision during one or both of the lockdown periods

“My child was given the opportunity to access school provision which really helped with his wellbeing and needs”
“I always feel fully supported”

“My child came on leaps and bounds with the teacher’s help”
“My child needs routine and I felt happy sending her”


My child was able to access learning at home

“Excellent communication with teacher”


Home learning activities were adjusted to be accessible to my child

“All learning activities were adjusted accordingly to my child’s needs”
“It was amazing, I could message the teacher for any question needed”


Home learning activities helped my child to continue to work towards their targets


I felt confident to support my child’s learning at home


School staff kept in touch with me and my child through the lockdown periods

“We felt fully supported by the school staff during both lockdowns”
“Yes they did – they were fantastic”

“Mrs Spencer was always available to help”


I could contact school staff with any concerns during the lockdown periods
“Yes absolutely. Staff were very helpful”

“Staff continued to support both (my child) and parents through the pandemic”

“I could call anytime”


School staff supported my child to help manage their transition back to school
“Yes, they have been fantastic, they have been very supportive”
“Amazing – my daughter was high risk so returning was hard but teachers were fantastic”


School staff have continued to ensure that the social and emotional needs of my child are met as well as their academic needs since returning to school

“All the staff managing the special needs division and assisting my children have been fantastic – thank you!”
“Yes they have been outstanding. I just want to say a massive thank you – you’re amazing”

“Phone calls and reports by phone help a great deal and it’s good to know there is someone to talk to and approach”

“My son has always been well supported through all his school life so far”


"Thank you for your excellent referral letter which was truly helpful....... Thank you very much for your help and the excellent New Invention School which continues to be out preforming almost every other school in Walsall."

Dr Govindshenoy, Paediatric Consultant

" I can’t thank you enough for all your doing for my child, you guys are amazing with him, I’m so glad he is under your wing."
Parent of a child with complex needs

A very positive parent survey:


Parent Voice Questionnaire November 2020  


% of parents that agreed with the statement

I know why my child is on the SEND register.


I know who to talk if I have any concerns about my child.


I have frequent opportunities to discuss my child’s targets and support with the right members of staff.

“There is always someone available.”
“Mrs Spencer is always approachable and really helpful. The communication at this school is really good.”
“When even I need to talk to a member of staff, they are available and if not they call me back when they are.”


I know how to support my child at home with their targets.


The targets set are appropriate for my child’s needs.

“I am pleased he is progressing and not always meeting his targets which show they are pushing him.”
“Targets are always discussed with me and my view is listened to.”


I know how my child is supported in school.

“She has excellent support at school. She is very happy at school. “
“School are very good at keeping me updated and if there is a concern, I will go into school to discuss.”
“My child has 2 wonderful LSAs and other teachers who know her needs well. Also a lunchtime support who is good with her.”


I feel that my child is making good progress at school.

“With the support she gets she is making excellent progress.”
“My child is well supported and pushed within school. Staff have high expectations of them.”
“I am really happy with the progress he’s making, very happy on how they support my child in school, thank you.”
“I am happy with the adaptations for my child.”


My child can access all extra-curricular activities and visits.


My child feels safe and happy at school.

“We cannot fault the care and support our child gets at school.”
“I feel I am lucky to have such a supportive school who understand and care for my child.”
“The school support my child very well and involve me as a parent in their education and well-being. I have had many meetings with staff to support my child. The provision that my child has access to has enabled them to have a very good start to their education, well-being and self-confidence. Thank you.”
“She loves coming to school which is a bonus and proves the learning is good.”


The school’s website contains useful information about SEND.

“There is a useful information on the site.”



"You are one of my favourite schools. It's a lovely school."

Dr Shenoy, Consultant Community Paediatrician, Walsall

"I am going to miss you all, you are a wonderful school to work with, all of you, always so welcoming and warm. Your little ones always seem so happy and busy no matter what their needs are. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you"

Hilary Little from Outreach @ Lindens (Physical Disabilities Outreach Service) on her retirement.

"Just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you. It's a difficult time at the minute and I am truly grateful to how you are all coping with it.... Thank you all for being amazing!"

Parent of a child with complex SEN 

"Your Nurture Group is beautiful and the staff are amazing .... it's lovely."
Local Authority Educational Psychologist 


"To say I was impressed, proud and extremely thankful to have teachers like Mrs Hunt in the school helping (my child) and other pupils is an understatement. The group was perfect for (my child), and I saw a confidence and happiness in her I haven't seen academically before. Everything from the differentiated work to the teaching style, visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning was all included while explaining the tasks, and children were given the option to use whatever they felt comfortable with to complete the work."
Parent after observing the Year 2 Core Subjects Intervention Group


"You don't realise how unique you are as a school. There is only one other school as nurturing and inclusive as you in the whole of Walsall."
Local Authority Specialist teacher, Integrated Support Team


"We have highlighted your school as an example of providing outstanding inclusive practice. This has been based on years of Early years SEN/Educational Psychology working with staff from your school, experiences and feedback from parents and the children's progress."
Early Years SEN Teacher, SEN Advisory Support Team


"I like how personalised the course was."
"I did not feel that I was ‘talked at’, we had more of a discussion."
"The facilitators know the children so we talked about things that are used in school as well as at home."
Feedback from parents who attended the Cygnet Parenting Programme delivered by the SENCo and SEN HLTA