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We are Artists!

There were lots of artists at work this afternoon in Dolphin class creating seascapes. After learning to tint, experimenting with different ways to add texture to create the sea and evaluating this, we are now using what we have learnt to create our final pieces.

Healthy Workshops!

Dolphin class had lots of fun in their healthy workshop today.  Here we are thinking about balanced diets and the different food groups and amounts of foods needed for this.

RE  - Big Questions - Where is God?

Dolphin class have been thinking about where they think God might be and drawing their ideas. Some of the children's suggestions including in shooting stars, in our hearts and everywhere.

Being Hygienic

Over the past few weeks Year 2 have been learning about the different things that humans need to do to stay fit and healthy. This week they have been thinking about how hygiene is important. They have made some posters to teach other people about how to keep clean too.

Library Week - Visit to The Hive

This week we are celebrating Library Week. We had a great morning visiting the Hive. We got to choose and share books together and talked about how a library works. We hope to see lots of Dolphins signing up to the Hive soon!

The Troll

Over the past few weeks Year Two have been sharing the story of 'The Troll' by Julia Donaldson. Dolphins have been learning about expanded noun phrases and using these to create a character description of the troll. Here are some pictures of us writing our descriptions and drawing illustrations of the troll.