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We Love Coding

What a fantastic day we have had in Monkey class! We have been working together to programme our Blue-Bots to follow algorithms. 

Healthy Workshop

Monkey class had a fantastic time in the healthy workshop today. They enjoyed taking part in all of the activities and learning about what they needed to have a balanced diet.

Monkey Maths!

We have had a wonderful morning in maths. In Monkey Class, we have done a practical lesson today looking at numbers in expanded form.

Human Life Cycles

In Monkey class this afternoon, we have done some work in science. We have learnt all about the human life cycle. We wrote some sentences about each stage of the life cycle.

Being Hygienic

Over the past few weeks Year 2 have been learning about the different things that humans need to do to stay fit and healthy. This week they have been thinking about how hygiene is important. They have made some posters to teach other people about how to keep clean too.

Library Week - Visit to The Hive

In Monkey class, we had a wonderful time visiting our local library The Hive. We enjoyed sharing some stories and we learnt all about how to choose the perfect book.