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Making Sliding Pictures in DT

Stingray class have been learning all about mechanisms in DT. We have used our knowledge of a slider mechanism to create a moving picture from the story We’re going on a Bear Hunt!

Programmable Toys!

Stingrays have been using directional language to programme the Blue-bots. We are getting super at giving the Blue-bots commands to move to a place on the map!

A busy morning in Stingray Class


Today Stingray Class are practising their basic skills in computing. They have been practising skills from the last few weeks such as logging off and on their laptops, finding programmes and today they are focusing on their typing and editing text skills.


Children are also practising their skills needed to add work to their own journals on Seesaw. Today they are remembering how to take a photo and then add some labels to their photographs.