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Welcome to New Invention Infant School. As a former pupil here from the age of three I am proud and privileged to lead such a caring and effective learning community.  Our school is a welcoming and inclusive place where nurture and education go hand in hand as we inspire every child for a brighter future.  We support every child and family through a warm, engaging and inclusive approach to learning, where every single child matters and achieves their very best regardless of their barriers. Our mantra 'We can...we will...together' encapsulates our drive and philosophy that team work and joined up thinking brings everyone together for the same purpose. I truly believe and advocate that all children deserve the very best education we can give in a safe and positive environment which looks at supporting the whole child. At New Invention Infant School we grow children educationally, socially and emotionally to become the best possible citizens of the future. 


Remember, my door is always open, your ideas, wishes and feelings are important to us, so that we can continue to grow together.


Debbie Naffati