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Parent Feedback

Here are some of the lovely comments we have received from parents who are home schooling their children.



I am writing this email full of praises and appreciation. You have an excellent team of staff for the early years.

While the hero’s of this country (Nhs) are saving lives you the teachers are our children’s hero’s. You are all doing an amazing job going above and beyond.

I want to acknowledge one teacher in particular. Miss xxxx. My child Thomas is in reception. While we are at a time in life where nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Miss xxxx has been amazing from all the work and videos for the children to watch.

My son fills with joy and excitement from the videos and praises in comments she leaves for him.

It’s not just the children she has been amazing for. Me personally as a parent she has helped me through some of the most difficult times in the last two weeks with home schooling. When I doubted my self has a parent for not being enough or what my child needs. She has given me the praise and determination to get up of a morning and try again and to do what ever school work I can get him to do. Mrs Naffati you should be so proud of the staff that you guide.

P.s Miss xxxx never lose your shine. Never forget what you give to our babies and how you have helped us parents. I could say a million thank you’s a day but even that wouldn’t be enough.  

                       THANK YOU MY HERO