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New Invention Infant School was built in 1909 to serve the needs of children of Primary School age i.e. 5 -11 years. In 1953 a hall, administration block and two classrooms were built. To cope with increasing numbers mobile classrooms were erected and finally a new school for junior aged children was opened in 1974 and the existing building became an Infant and Nursery School. A resource area was added to the building in 1980. This was jointly financed by the Local Authority and the Schools’ Association. In 1999 the mobile classrooms were replaced by two permanent modular infant classrooms and a purpose built nursery. Our latest improvements have been both inside and outside. A new entrance and administrative department arrived with the New Year in 2005. Our new playground was installed in 2006, which uses the environmental history of our local area as a stimulus, and has a virtual canal running through it.


The school is a community school and maintained by Walsall Education Authority.

Our first Ofsted Inspection in 1997 gave us full marks and led to us becoming one of the first ‘Beacon Schools’ across the country. The inspectors commented ‘This is a very good school with a dedicated, skilful and hardworking staff. It is achieving good standards and provides a very good quality of education.


Throughout subsequent inspections we have continued to shine, achieving ‘very good’ and ‘outstanding’ accolades, according to the grades in operation at the time. Our last inspection was in 2007, where we swept the board with the highest possible grades. Inspectors commented we were ‘resolute in our pursuit of excellence’ and that ‘warm relationships underpin the calm atmosphere in classrooms’. An interim desktop assessment in 2010 indicated that our performance had been sustained.


Our inspection results are a testament to the commitment by our entire staff to providing both a curriculum and an environment that not only educates, but captivates. The school and our community are very proud of our successes, but we do not rest on our laurels. We all look forward to the challenges and changes the future will bring.