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What Our Children Think of PE!

Wake and Shake


Reception child – “I like it because it makes us fit and I like to be fit. Every time you move your body works.”

Reception child – “I like dancing and it makes me feel like I’m exercising.”


Year One child – “When we’re all dancing we get really hot.”

Year One child – “Wake and shake makes me sweat so much but I love it.”


Year Two child – “It’s brilliant because you get to sing along and dance to the music”

Year Two child – “I danced to Cha Cha slide at home yesterday. I love that song!”





Play Leader Sessions


Reception child – “I love that it’s always fitness. Today we did running.”

Reception child – I like playing the game where you have to dodge the balls, I can always dodge them. I like it when you have to run to the yellow cones. I always win!”



Year One child – “When I was kicking the ball I controlled it that’s why I like it.”

Year One child – I liked it when we were dribbling. It’s really fun.”



Year Two child – I like the game stuck in the mud. I like to run down the hill really fast. All my friends come with me.”

Year Two child – “It’s really fun because you get to do lots of activities like sprinting to a hoop and collecting objects. We have to do challenges.”