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Terrific Trips

See our Twitter feed   @inventioninfant  to see our fabulous outdoor experiences this half term. Every year group were sooooo excited to be out and about with their class. Each year group experienced something inspirational in the outdoors:-

Year 2 were incredibly courageous tackling the heights of 'Go Ape'

Year 1 were budding animal experts at Dudley Zoo

Reception built dens and hunted for bugs on Cannock Chase

Nursery had their first ever visit with school to Broomey Croft Farm and bravely fed lots of animals, went hunting for farm treasures and climbed tall structures and old tractors

Our Pupil Premium children explored Kingswood through computing eyes, they followed minibeast clues on a treasure hunt, they took photographs and recorded their own information about Pet's Corner and used 'i-pastels' to create an image of something they had seen around Kingswood during the day!

How lucky they are to have experienced such amazing times!